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  • Sinus Disease Symptoms Explained
    This happens because the viral infection due to a cold causes the lining of the sinus membrane to inflame creating sinus like symptoms.
  • Sinus Pressure Headache
    A sinus pressure headache can be a very painful and frustrating occurrence.
  • 7 Tips for Treating a Sinus Infection
    Although sinusitis may have you feeling miserable, there are several steps you can take to help relieve the symptoms of sinus infection such as:
  • Chronic Stuffy Nose? Fungus May Be the Culprit
    If the cat scan shows fluid levels indicating a sinus infection, the doctor should order a fungus culture of the nose.
  • Determining the Symptoms of Sinusitis
    The most common symptoms of sinus infection are headache, facial tenderness or pain, and fever.
  • What is Sick Sinus Syndrome? - Get to Know Sick Sinus Syndrome
    You must be wondering what is sick sinus syndrome.
  • Chronic Sinus Problems - 6 Ways to Deal With Chronic Sinus Problems
    Generally, chronic sinus problems occur due to allergies, structural problems and infections.
  • How To Cure Sinus Headache? - Home Remedies Are The Best To Cure Sinus Headache
    Sinus headache is one of the symptoms of sinusitis or sinus infection.
  • 6 Great Reasons To Eat Curry
    Not for the timid! Ground chili peppers can be snorted up the nose to relieve headaches brought on by tension or sinus problems (capsaicin turns off the nerve release fibre that triggers sinus and tension headaches).
  • Don't Get Stuffed Up: Sinusitis Unplugged
    Caused most often by an extra persistent common cold, a sinus infection can quickly develop into a full blown sinus headache, temporarily immobilizing the victim or laying them out for weeks.
  • The Sinus Infection Headache
    Nowadays there are many advertisements for pills that treat sinus infection and many people have come to think that all their headaches are caused by a sinus infection.
  • Understanding What Is Sinus Disease
    Sinus disease is the inflammation of the lining of the sinus cavities present in the skull.
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